Real Conversation / Real Relationships!


Evening Shades!! Check us out!! Special Events For Single People ..

Seeking a new circle of friends, male and female! We want to make things happen through Evening Shades. We are not a dating agency or service. We do not promise to introduce you to your soulmate, but who knows … love happens at the strangest time! We will provide you with events to remember -All you need to do is decide which events to go to, book them and come out and enjoy the evening.. don’t just peep through the shades… What happens on those special evenings? Dinner parties start with a drinks reception, where you’ll be introduced to everyone by our host. You’ll then join by the guests at tables, we’ll have nice music, or live band., and engage in the most exhilarating conversation on dating .. and life, love and relationships. We want you to get up and talk,dance and mingle .. after dinner is served.. If by my chance you make a connection you can make your own arrangements. But if the opportunity doesn’t arise behind these closed shades that’s not a problem, schedule another event ..

And he or she just might be there.

Come on enjoy the evening and pull down the shades..

For LIVE! ‘REAL TALK’ Relationship Conversation!

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